March 30th, 2003

dr. katz

"I'm not like other boys"

Don't ask how my brain got started on this tangent, but here goes.

First off, I am really pleased at how huge Christopher Lee has become in the last couple years. I mean, I've dug him since the Hammer Dracula films, THE WICKER MAN, and his terrific Saturday Night Live appearance, but the fact that at 80, he is in two of the most newsworthy film series (STAR WARS prequels and the LOTR trilogy) and getting more respect than ever just really validates my fandom like nothing else.

Anyway, Christopher has that wonderful voice (opera-trained) that he's used for poetry and gothic music. And it occurred to me that if anyone were ever to do a cover of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," he would be the perfect voice to do Vincent Price's spoken-word section of the song. I can hear it in my head.

But then the question arises, who would do the cover version?

I mean, it shouldn't necessarily sound exactly like Michael's, it oughta have a different kick to it. But I wouldn't want anything too out there, like yet another oh-so-clever emo-punk cover of the kind that A_New_Found_Me_First_Gimme_Vandals have burned out one too many times.

So it's left to you, those who troll LJ with nothing better to do:

Poll #118749 Making another "Thriller"

What artist do you think would sing a great new cover of "Thriller"?

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