August 4th, 2003

chef bites

You can't spell "Patience-taxing, money-grubbing fuckers!" without FOX!

So, one of my favorite websites out there is , a site where you can upload and download dvd jackets. It's a great resource if you've lost a cover and need to replace it, and what's really great is if you hate the unimaginative "big heads/star names" artwork that so many DVD's are stuck with, you can submit or download custom cover art with alternate artwork. It's amazing the beautiful stuff you can find there. It's a membership site, and since it uses so much memory and gigs and such, they ask you to either contribute some money or submit artwork for credits towards covers.

Well, just as they have done with every BUFFY, X-FILES, and SIMPSONS fansite, the scum at the evil empire have basically threatened all manner of fire and brimstone against dvdcoverart if any and all "trademark infringements" are not removed immediately. While the site is trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement, in all likelihood all that great alternate artwork is going to be gone. So if you'd like to, say, have a jacket for the original PLANET OF THE APES that doesn't blow the surprise ending right on the fucking front, you'd better go download it now before it gets pulled.
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