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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

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"It's like being in Macy's, trying to discover Macy's" -- Paul Mooney
Here's a little song going out to George W. and his billion dollar space plan:

A rat done bit my sister Nell
With whitey on the moon
Her face and arms began to swell
And whitey's on the moon
I can't pay no doctor bills
And whitey's on the moon
Ten years from now, I'll be payin' still
While whitey's on the moon

You know, the man just upped my rent last night
'Cos whitey's on the moon
No hot water, no toilets, no lights
But whitey's on the moon
I wonder why he's uppin' me
'Cos whitey's on the moon?
Well, I was already givin' him fifty a week
And now whitey's on the moon

Taxes takin' my whole damn check
The junkies make me a nervous wreck
The price of food is goin' up
And as if all that crap wasn't enough

A rat done bit my sister Nell
With whitey on the moon ..
Was all the money I made las' year
for Whitey on the moon?
How come there ain't no money here?
Hmm! Whitey's on the moon

Y'know I just 'bout had my fill
of Whitey on the moon
I think I'll sen' these doctor bills
to Whitey on the moon.

--Gil Scott-Heron

Current Mood: annoyed

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