February 24th, 2004

hee haw

Blatantly stolen from pauraque and lenablair

If I were this funny, I wouldn't be starving.

Wednesday - THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST is released.

Thursday - The first PASSION OF THE CHRIST fan fiction appears on my friends page.

Friday - potc_fanfic is created. Confusion briefly reigns over the face of the fannish earth, necessitating a name change to the much clearer christ_slash. The day ends with a widely-recced Jesus/Jack Sparrow crossover fic.

Saturday - Backlash. War breaks out between "movie converts" and old-school New Testament slashers who were writing Jesus/Judas before it was cool. Many snarky posts appear reminding us all that The Movie Isn't Canon. So to speak.

Sunday - The fandom rests. Saturday's events are featured on Fandom_Wank, thus ensuring that the flames continue in perpetuity.

Monday - The first non-ironic Jesus/Judas=OTP!! LJ icon appears on my friends page. It uses the Scriptina font.

Tuesday - messiah_sues.

Wednesday - "TPotC? How very passé. I'm writing Marduk/Tiamat now."
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