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As usual, the liberal media has failed you.

Don't fall for that "new Muslim extremist group" that claimed responsibility for the tube bombing -- it's a decoy.

Yes, the blogging underground has already uncovered the real architect of this act of terrorism, and released his photograph:

A source at Scotland Yard intercepted this transmission just before the first blast:

(woman's voice): For god sakes Homer, (rest unintelligible)

(man's voice): No! The Olympics have pre-empted my favorite shows for the last time!

(boy's voice): You can always find your favorite shows next month.

(man's voice): You wait till next month, you wait till next month!

And scandal is already afoot, as it would appear the suspect has close ties with the English government, as witnessed by this photograph:

A hard target search of every pub and pastry shop in the United Kingdom is underway!
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