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The dreaded "c" word

I am challenging everyone on LJ to try going for 24 hours without using the c-word.

The word I am referring to is "cool." Sounds innocent enough, but call me a crank this word is being abused like an O.J. Simpson girlfriend. Apparently, everyone everywhere thinks everything is "cool." Summer salads are cool. That story you told your friend about the extra fifty cents you found in your pants pocket was cool. That guy you were about ready to pound into hamburger? You're cool now. Enough, goddammit.
If everything is cool, then that means nothing is cool. A word that had a definite connotation is now turning into white noise, and I for one am not giving into that. (And that goes for your oh-so-cutesy misspellings as well, "kewl," "queweell," "coo," "kool and the gang," whatever -- knock it off!) Open a thesaurus people, find some new adjectives.
Don't believe me? Put a rubber band around your wrist, and snap it every time you use the word in your daily parlance. You'll soon discover you're guilty of using the word to fill space rather than saying what you really mean.
In the words of Mark Mothersbaugh and the Spud Boys, I'm through being cool.
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