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The old familiar sting

You know what saddens me the most about losing June Carter Cash?

Right now, Johnny is having the best profile he's had in years (with absolutely NO thanks to country radio) by singing a song where he insists that he has failed and that those who love him will only be hurt. And you know for goddamned sure that she was a woman who felt anything but that emotion for however many decades they were together. We should all be so lucky to have someone like that in our lives.

I hate to say this, but would any of you disagree that in all likelihood Johnny will leave us in a short time as well? I have a feeling if he wasn't already on the manifest, his heart is going to slip the ferryman a 20 to pick him up sooner. And I wouldn't blame him in the least.

My eyes are motherfucking moist as I type. I think I'm buying an album today.
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